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The information presented on this site is the culmination of research work done by Helen Simmonds over many years. Helen and her late husband Jock were well known goat breeders based on their property, Rowanpark, at Calga in the inland rural part of the Central Coast in NSW.

Helen decided the time had now come to bring her work to a conclusion, and sought the assistance of the Mangrove Mountain Computer Club, of which they are both members, with publishing it on the web rather than in another book. Helen has generously donated the culmination of her work to the Club.

As Helen says “This site aims to provide information to livestock producers, and to the backyard gardener, on the effects some plants can have on our lives.”

You can read more about Helen’s story here.

ALERT: Ginger lily (Hedychium gardnerianum)

Ginger lily is very invasive and is very poisonous to livestock. There have been recent stock losses in the Central Coast hinterland of NSW attributed to this weed.

Ginger lily was introduced into Australia as an ornamental plant and the first recorded collection was in 1968 at Ingleburn near Sydney.

It is now naturalised from the South Coast of New South Wales to north-east Queensland, and around Melbourne in Victoria. It has also been recorded in Tasmania.

There is more information here.

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