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The primary purpose of this site is to provide information on the toxicity of weeds and plants to animals.

To find information on the particular weed you are interested in, start by entering the 'Common Name' or 'Botanical Name' of the of the weed or plant in the search box. You can also search by the type of animal in which you are interested, eg: 'goats,' or even the colour of the flower, if any. Or if the weed has weeds with serrated edges, try something like 'serrated leaves'. The results of your search will open in a new window:

To find information about a plant that may be toxic to a particular animal, please try browsing through the lists of weeds that it is suggested may be relevant.

Linked listings are by both Botanical Names and Common Names. For the longer lists, you may find it helpful to use your browser's Find function (CTRL+F). Note that these links also open the page in a new window. Please close the window to return to this page:

If you still have not identified the particular weed of interest to you, please go to the Contact page for further assistance.

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